We take our strength from our values.

We have been working for 40 years with the same dedication; we are continuing the honest, just, human-focused business model that was taught to us by our founder. Our employees work and serve as a family.

We aim to proceed along with the laws and with the requirements of our Integrated Management System, which has been built on our vision, mission and values. We aim to be a customer-focused and distinct company, which makes a difference in the sector via innovative products and services. We aim to gain the trust of all parties involved, and to contribute to sustainable economic growth.

The general manager of SADE OFSET, Mr Murat DEMIR, is one of the founders of the printing sector’s non-governmental organizations: BASMEN (Printing Members Association), BASEV (Printing Industry Education Foundation) and ESD (Label Industrialists Association). He is currently active as the president of BASMEN’s board of directors and as the vice-president of BASEV’s board of directors.