About Us

Sade Ofset Matbaacılık Ltd.Şti. (Sade Printing House LLC), providing services to companies in a wide range and capable of performing its production within its own facilities -thanks to the machinery thereof capable of offset, flexographic and letterpress printing and by virtue of its bookbinding workshop- was established through Mr. Galip Demir (1939-2007) in 1974 in Cağaloğlu district of Istanbul province. In 1996, our company moved to its building in the Bağcılar Matbaacılar Sitesi/Massit (Bağcılar Printing House Complex) where it currently operates. Our company, Sade Ofset, continued to make printing of promotional and advertising materials in the years subsequent to the inception thereof and in the ensuing years, our company focused on providing the esteemed clientele thereof with innovative choices as to labels, booklet labels, packaging materials and production of POP materials in line with the developments in the market. Our company has established a quality system through collecting the quality assurance activities thereof under the roof of ISO. Our company has collected all the pre-press, press and post-press production processes under one single umbrella. Our company, Sade Ofset, accommodating services for the global customer portfolio thereof in domestic and Middle East markets is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2014.

Our Vision

Our company targets to be a preferred corporate company which creates difference in the industry through virtue of innovative products and services and which renews itself by utilizing technology in line with changing client requirements and a company with high brand value which is offered to the public, making the stakeholders thereof gain in parallel with the profit thereof.

Our Mission

Our company aims to produce quality products that meet customer expectations in an efficient and less costly and environmentally friendly way with minimum wastage policy and deliver same in a timely manner. We desire to create a peaceful, fair, efficient, safe and healthy work environment where everyone respects each other and all of our stakeholders are pleased in working with us and enhance our existing corporate culture. To work with experienced, well-trained, competent, careful and meticulous team mates. Our company has adopted the principle of being open to change. We target to create customer satisfaction and customer loyalty not taking into account only short-term works but also long-term operations with an eye to gain the confidence of our esteemed clientele.