Sade Ofset ; vision, mission and values in line with our integrated management system we have created to act in accordance with legal requirements, customer-oriented, innovative structure that makes a difference in the industry with our product and service to become a reference institution, and to gain the trust of our stakeholders we aim to contribute to sustainable development. In line with this,

In solidarity, friendly, positive, safe and healthy working environment to ensure the establishment of,
Quality in all processes for production and service delivery,
Customer satisfaction, quality system by taking the center of All quality activities customer-oriented execution,
To spread awareness of quality and effective collaboration with suppliers,
In the policy investment in people, team work and the upbringing of new generations in the profession to ensure
By raising awareness of environmental protection and occupational safety of our employees, ensure the satisfaction and continuous training to
Develop systems to ensure the safety of our activities to prevent accidents and occupational health and
The effective and efficient use of resources, reduce waste production,
Honest, principled and ethical values the organization is committed to being
To comply with all laws and regulations,
By raising awareness of environmental protection,occupational safety and education of our employees to ensure our sustainability.
Quality, environment, occupational health and safety management systems we are committed to comply with requirements and continually improve its effectiveness.

Murat Demir