Quality Policy

Our company targets to be a customer-focused corporate which creates difference in the printing and label industry by provision of innovative products and services

To this end we commit the following;
• To establish friendly, positive, safe and healthy working environment in solidarity
• To provide quality production and delivery of services in all processes,
• To carry out all quality activities in a customer-focused manner by placing customer satisfaction at the center of the quality system,
• To educate new generations in the profession and ensure teamwork with the principle of investing in people,
• To create effective collaboration with suppliers and disseminate quality consciousness,
• To increase competitiveness in the market by renewing the infrastructure through application of technological developments,
• To comply with all laws and regulations,
• To act in a sensitive manner for caring about the nature and provide production and services with the awareness of environment,
• To increase customer and employee satisfaction based on continuous improvement model,
• To ensure a balanced distribution of resources to achieve our targets,